TOFRE Iced-Coffee ( 0% Nicotine Heat Herbal Sticks )

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TOFRE Iced-Coffee ( 0% Nicotine Heat Herbal Sticks )

Short Description:

Brand: TOFRE

Products Name: TOFRE Iced-Coffee

Flavor: Iced-Coffee

Ingredients: Tea,Mint,natural spice,natural Capsule,PG&VG,etc

Nicotine: 0%

Heating Temperature:280℃-320℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃-40℃


Stick Parameters: Diameter=7.32mm, Length=45.00mm

Puffs: 15-20puffs

Case Size: 41*35*29cm

Weight/Case: 12.5kg

Hint:This non-tobacco product emulates a smoking experience and should not be sold to minors

Application: Need to use with Heat devices

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A perfect match between the strong& beautiful fragrance of Ethiopian coffee beans and cool scent is formed here. As a coffee lover, you must taste this TOFRE Iced-Coffee. Upon heating the stick, pure coffee aroma will awaken your sense organs and bring you joyful feelings. After the first taste, pure coffee aroma accompanies with a slightly cold smell. Gradually, slight milk aroma seeps with vague bitter coffee aftertaste. In this way, you can feel rich aromas, and surrounding people will also fall in love with the smoke.


The flavor of TOFRE Iced-Coffee is totally based on our unique herbal formula with 0% nicotine content. While building a perfect experience, no tobacco ingredient is added, which is your ideal and healthier option for smoking. With the size consistent with HNB tobacco sticks, every stick can be heated for 15-20 puffs by matching with various HNB heating devices. In addition, due to our unique technological structure, it can be compatible with all the mainstream heating devices in the market (such as JOUZ, IQOS and LIL)

1 pack includes 20 sticks, which can be carried conveniently.

0% Nicotine Iced serie: pure herbal formulations without nicotine for the ultimate health conscious user. This serie features flavors with a minty coolness, such as "Iced-Menthol", "Iced-Coffee" and "Iced-Green Tea". The combination of tobacco-grade blast and the coolness of the ingredients in this serie gives the user a "chilled" and "purely natural" flavor, which is sure to be a great choice for users and lovers of cool cigarettes looking for the ultimate in wellness.