TOFRE BLENDED-CLASSIC ( 2% Nicotine Heat Herbal Sticks )

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TOFRE BLENDED-CLASSIC ( 2% Nicotine Heat Herbal Sticks )

Short Description:

Brand: TOFRE



Ingredients: Tea,natural spice,natural Capsule,PG&VG,etc

Nicotine: Natural Nicotine Salt

Heating Temperature:280℃-320℃

Storage Temperature:-20℃-40℃


Stick Parameters: Diameter=7.32mm, Length=45.00mm

Puffs: 15-20puffs

Case Size: 41*35*29cm

Weight/Case: 12.5kg

Hint:Preventing Underage Use :Minimum age as stipulated by local laws

Application: Need to use with Heat devices

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In the tobacco’s world, the blended type cigarettes at the head of Marlboro are popular across the world. The blended type cigarettes use the formula consisting of different characteristic tobacco leaves with mild but aromatic flavors. Inspired by our analysis of the aroma types from blended type cigarettes, TOFRE BLENDED-CLASSIC has the characteristics of spicy flavor, appetite stimulating and pure aftertaste while retaining mild and sweet flavors, which just can meet your high requirements for aroma.


The flavor of TOFRE BLENDED-CLASSIC is totally based on our unique herbal formula with 2% of natural nicotine salt. While building a perfect experience, no tobacco ingredient is added, which is your ideal and healthier option for smoking. With the size consistent with HNB tobacco sticks, every stick can be heated for 15-20 puffs by matching with various HNB heating devices. In addition, due to our unique technological structure, it can be compatible with all the mainstream heating devices in the market (such as JOUZ, IQOS and LIL)

1 pack includes 20 sticks, which can be carried conveniently.

The 2% nicotine serie: three types of traditional cigarettes have been restored, which includes "blended traditional cigarettes" "flue-cured tobacco" and "oriental aromatic tobacco". TOFRE has introduced a unique "non-fruity" tobacco-grade blast to complement the characteristic flavour of these three tobacco flavors, thus giving the user a better experience and enriching the flavour. While nicotine is extremely important to the original flavour of traditional cigarettes, TOFRE's approach to the original flavors of a cigarette is different: We add 2% natural nicotine to the herbal formula. This not only gives the user a familiar and unique sensation, but also a healthier and more intensely satisfying product.

2 Nicotine Heat Herbal Sticks