The Technology Of TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks


Innovate for Smoking better

The Research&Development basis of TOFRE's series of products are all based on our laboratory's strong ability for herbal innovation. The original intention of our brand is to combine herbal technology extracted from natural plants, with lung medicine to create a healthier way of smoking for smokers.


The Technology of TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick

TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick is a brand new heating herbal concept product, which we create for the (Heat-not-burn) smokers. Compared with HNB tobacco stick, TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick innovates the healthy herbal formula fuse the tobacco level flavoring technology make it became perfect for smoking also healthier.


Our top Flavor team consists of 18 flavorists from different areas : the team consists of flavorists who have worked in the cigarette industries, tobacco flavor companies, tea companies etc. Years developments and unique understanding of the world's all kind tobacco type gives TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks the possibility to restore even surpass HNB tobacco sticks. Our three classic original flavors are innovated and launched respectively for the characteristics of “flue-cured cigarettes”, “Blended flavor cigarettes” and “Oriental flavor cigarettes.”
The structure of pure herbal raw materials + natural nicotine + tobacco level blast brings TOFRE an outstanding achievement of 95% harm reduction, but a unique classic taste.


After crushing the blast , you will start a wonderful journey of smoking, and even get a better taste of HNB tobacco sticks....shush! This is the magic of the TOFRE brand. And also TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick can be perfectly adapted to all heat device on the market.

The structure of TOFRE herbal stick is derived from our most natural honeycomb principle By fusing the method of “Stick structure” ,“microwave”, “microbiology”, “food chemical”, “low-temperature puffing” technologies.

The core advantage of our structure is that we minimize the risk of causing unnecessary chemical reactions in raw materials, enabling TOFRE to retain the original flavor of our herbal formula to the maximum extent.

TOFRE’S naturally-formed, loose&uniform ultra-microporous honeycomb structure allows the heating to be more balanced and will not drop any slag to the device. In addition, TOFRE’s structure tech also can improve the transmission efficiency by heating, which brings HNB a smoother smoking experience.

Do TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks contain tobacco leaves?

TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick contains no tobacco ingredients. The real feeling of smoking is based on the formula of 100% herbal ingredients, but with the tobacco flavoring technology adopted by our flavorists, plus natural nicotine to give the feeling of smoking to the greatest extent.
Compared with heat tobacco stick, TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick with pure herbal ingredients is a healthier smoking choice.

Do TOFRE Herbal Sticks contain Nicotine?

Nicotine is the most dependent substance among all smokers, at TOFRE, we will not compromise on nicotine. Therefore, we provide a smoking product with high satisfaction, excellent taste with lower risk.  Compared with traditional tobacco, we have reduced the risk by 95% excellently.

What are the ingredients of TOFRE Herbal Sticks?

The ingredients of TOFRE Herbal Sticks are ALL BASED ON NATURAL AND SAFE SOURCES, ingredients as below:
Tea, Mint, Vegetable Glycerin, Natrual Spice, and Natural Nicotine.

Which HNB Heat Device can be apply to TOFRE Herbal Sticks?

TOFRE HERBAL STICK's special ULTRA-MICROCELLULAR Herbal TECHNOLOGY allows us to adapt to all mainstream Heat devices on the market. At the same time, we will soon launch a special tofre heat device for TOFRE.

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