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About Us

The Innovative TOFRE

TOFRE has been committed to innovate green and healthy herbal technology into tobacco harm reduction section from the beginning of our establishment. we creates products by analyze the needs and habits of smokers, and provides smokers with healthier smoking methods and better choices while perfectly meeting the needs of smokers. Just as our slogan wrote "Innovate for smoking better", this is the reason why we were founded and the our forever strategic pursuit.

Our company's laboratory has strong innovation and development capabilities in plant and herbal science technology, also we have the pulmonary medical experts intimately involved into our whole innovation process of series products. We use plant and herbal concepts combined with pulmonary medicine to create a healthier way of smoking while satisfying the smoking experience for all kinds of smokers. The series of products have passed CNAS, TCT and many other Testing Organization.


TOFRE Herbal Filter is the world's first pure herbal structure filter
that we specially designs for traditional cigarette smokers.


By this year , we also innovate TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick for HNB
smokers , this is a brand new heating herbal concept product,
which we create for the revolutionary (Heat-not-burn)lifestyle.

Compared with HNB tobacco stick, TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick innovates the healthy herbal formula fuse the tobacco level flavoring technology make it became perfect for smoking also healthier.Our top Flavor team consists of 18 flavorists from different areas : the team consists of  flavorists who have worked in the cigarette industries, tobacco flavor companies, tea companies etc. Years developments and unique understanding of the world's all kind tobacco type gives TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks the possibility to restore even surpass HNB tobacco sticks. Our three classic original flavors are innovated and launched respectively for the characteristics of “flue-cured cigarettes”, “Blended flavor cigarettes” and “Oriental flavor cigarettes.”


The Quality Guarantee

At TOFRE, we take quality very seriously. Our entire process of raw material sourcing, production, manufacturing and development all undergoes strict quality testing. To guarantee the standards of our products exceed all regulatory requirements, Whole TOFRE products are tested by the world’s foremost laboratories, and accredited with the appropriate regulatory certifications in all countries that we are available.

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